Room 1

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Room 2

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial

Room 3

S AM Swiss Architecture Museum

Room 4

Design Biotop

Room 5

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Room 6

DAI-SAI Association of Istrian Architects

Room 7

Architektūros fondas

Room 8


Room 9

Mies van der Rohe Foundation

Room 10

BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week

Room 11

VI PER Gallery

Room 12

Kosovo Architecture Festival

Room 13

MAXXI Foundation

Room 14


Room 15

Estonian Museum of Architecture

Room 16

CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Room 17

BETA Timișoara Architecture Biennial

Room 18

Oslo Architecture Triennale

Room 19

POLIS University Tirana Architecture Week

Room 20

HDA House of Architecture

Room 21

MAO Museum of Architecture and Design

Closed 22


Room 23

Theatrum Mundi

Room 24

Days of Architecture

Room 25

Driving the Human

Room 26

Royal Academy of Arts

Room 27

Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw